3 High-Voltage Sex Positions That Require Some Finesse

Let’s not beat around the bush, at Under the Covers we are vigorous proponents of interesting sex positions. It works up a sweat, it keeps things interesting and, most of all, it brings a level of challenge to interactions in the bedroom. What’s not to love?

However, we are also great fans of keeping all the tools and tackle intact when you get frisky between the sheets. This is why we thought we’d point out three high-voltage sex positions that are wonderfully exciting, but nevertheless require some finesse to ensure that your gentleman’s lad doesn’t end up all broken and bruised in the process.

So without further ado, here are the three sex positions that are most likely to send your man to the emergency room with an awkward injury if not executed properly:


The High-Rise Blitzkrieg


The vibe: The lady sits on a countertop (or similarly high-up surface) and the gent enters her while standing on the tips of his toes.

The issue: If the gent misjudges and his aim is even slightly awry he could hit a) pubic bone or b) countertop, neither of which will be pleasant and either of which could result in ruptures in the blood-filled tubes of his erection. NOT good.


The Pilates Ball Pole-driver


The vibe: The gent sits on a Pilates ball, while the lady straddles him and uses the bouncing motion of the ball to crank things up a notch.

The issue: If the ball is particularly bouncy or the lady is particularly excited, the gent’s penis could slip out of her vagina, in which case she will land quite heavily on the goods due to the sheer force of gravity involved.


The Standoffish Cowgirl


The vibe: The gent is on his back, with the lady on top. However, instead of leaning forwards into the motion like a cowgirl would normally do, she leans back to create an interesting angle and increase friction.

The issue: Like a knee or elbow, the human penis can overextend, which is exactly as painful as it sounds. If your guy feels a tugging or a ‘pop’ of any kind the angle is too extreme.

So there you have it – you’ve been warned. Enjoy, but proceed with caution! Keep your eye on the Under the Covers blog for more helpful information to spice up your sex life.

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