About Us

Passion, romance and the joy of sex in your marriage! This is what this page is about. Here we celebrate love in its most intimate, fun and very often vulnerable state. This website is filled with articles on her needs, his needs, and your needs as a couple. We explore the importance of sex toys as an aid in the bedroom, the meaning of spontaneity and keeping things interesting and spicy (for both of you), as well as exploring new things together.

Sex plays a very important part in a relationship. It is a beautiful experience between two people who love and adore each other. It is the physical expression of two souls coming together to form one. But it can also be a wild and untamed urge.

Under the Covers is part of the Play With Me group. Sex is, after all, a natural end to a date with the person you love. Just like it is necessary to schedule dates with your partner, it is important to plan Sex Night as Date Night.


This is where you need to be. Come and explore.