Take the Fun Outdoors this Winter

Outdoor sex is always high on the agenda when a couple decides to spice things up, but when temperatures drop it can be very tempting to give up on this exciting idea and wait until springtime rolls around before you explore the great outdoors.

At Under the Covers, we believe there is no time like the present, which is why we put together a few tips that will allow you to take the fun outdoors this winter.

Dress for the occasion

First of all, you have to be practical. While it’s all well and good to strip down to your birthday suit when the weather is balmy, the inverse is true when you’re dealing with frosty temperatures and a mean wind chill factor. Cold air plays havoc with erections and vaginal lubrication, so we recommend that you dress for the occasion and keep on most of your clothes while you get busy. Guys – you can simply unzip and pull out your penis; ladies, a skirt, and crotchless leggings or tights normally do the trick.

Play it safe

Yes, we know it’s a passion killer, but when you indulge in sex on a location you have to follow certain rules to ensure that your fun time is not spoiled by injury or interruption. A few good rules of thumb are the following: don’t veer too far off main roads (especially if you don’t know the area or it’s after dark); dress warmly and be vigilant for signs of frostbite; always take a fully charged cell phone.

Get sweaty!

One great way to enjoy outdoor sex in winter is to pair it with an active pursuit like skiing, snowshoeing, or even jogging if you live in a country where snow sports are not all that accessible. Work up a nice sweat and then get down to business. Alternatively, make a big bonfire in the backyard, pull up some lawn chairs and slip onto his penis as the flames rage in the background…
Do you have any suggestions for enjoying outdoor sex in wintertime? Get in touch and let us know!

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