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  1. Your brain is your most important sexual organ. So to enhance orgasm focus on what’s happening in your mind. Fantasise. Have erotic and sexual thoughts. Read erotic literature.


  1. Make sure you are not thinking of the 10 things you have to do before tomorrow…


  1. Make sure you are in your body and that you are not dissociated. In other words that your body is there, but that you are somewhere on another planet.


  1. Focus on the sensations in your body.


  1. Focus on yourself and not on what you need to do for him or on your thighs or stomach fat.


  1. Know what you like in bed. Know your body and own your power as a sexual being. Become comfortable with your body and sexuality.


  1. Most women need at least 20 minutes of clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. Foreplay is very important and there is nothing wrong with reaching orgasm during foreplay and not penetration.


  1. Relax, take a few deep breaths and enjoy!


  1. Women need different kinds of stimulation of the breasts, vulva, ears, clitoris, neck, mouth and other erogenous zones.


  1. For some women being on top can boost an orgasm because you have control over the depth and angle of penetration.


  1. Don’t forget sexual aids like a vibrator. You can also stimulate the clitoris with a vibrator during penetration.


  1. Try being blindfolded. All your other sense will heighten.


  1. The coital alignment (CAT) technique can also boost orgasm. Put a pillow or wedge underneath your buttocks. Let him penetrate you and lie on top of you. Instead of thrusting he should move backwards and forwards stimulating the clitoral area.


  1. Kegel exercises or invest in a set of kegel balls, which are great tools to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and tighten your vagina.


  1. Try and close your legs during the missionary position.


  1. Deeper penetration can lead to stimulation of the cervix. Try being on top with your back towards him or the missionary position with your legs pulled up.
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