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We here at Lollipop Lingerie believe that when you choose to spend your life or your time with someone, it’s only wise to make this time best you can. When you choose to love that person, and to be 100% committed to your partner, it’s only fair to make an effort to keep the spark alive.  

When we fall in love, our bodies react to the “love” chemical that it produces… hearts are pounding, hands are sweating, faces are flushing, we can’t speak, eat or sleep because we are excited and overwhelmed… WE ARE IN-LOVE! This feeling is something all of us search for almost all our lives. We adore this feeling and some even become “love” addicts because this makes us feel REAL, SPONTANEOUS, WILD, ADVENTUROUS… we feel UNTOUCHABLE!

Then years pass by and the romance fades away. This is so sad but so true! Work, Money, Children, stress and life’s responsibilities are all major factors and “passion thieves”. So we have the choice; we can either let the thieves take away our passion for each other, or we can work on it! A very wise person ones said; “love, relationships and marriage is a CHOICE and not a FEELING. After suffering from this “love disease” myself and years of disappointment in my partners, I’ve realized that the key to a happy and healthy relationship is to start loving yourself, being good to yourself, looking after yourself, spoiling yourself and to share this good and appreciated feeling towards yourself with your partner. When you feel gorgeous and sexy and you wear yourself in this manner and then putting on a lingerie set you will certainly blow away your partners mind and expectations. It’s not always about being sexual, but be sensual as well!

Light the candles, put on the soft music, take a long warm bubble bath, touch, kiss & laugh with each other. Eat dipped strawberries with your partner as the serving dish, go skinny dipping when the kids are asleep, send kinky messages to get each other in the mood… make each other feel wanted!  ITS ALL ABOUT FEELING WANTED! Somewhere deep inside almost all of us like to be naughty but sweet, seductive and sexy! You also need your partner to for fill this part of you. We all have our fantasies, needs and desires… and if we can’t play this out with our partners, or if we can’t communicate this inner awareness with them, the chances are very good that we will find it somewhere else, or we will be miserable for the rest of our lives!

Our aim is to give all of you who is searching for this, the “appliances, accessories” to help you into exploring your partners and your own fantasies. If you are reading this, it means that you are one of those who might be searching for it! Lollipop Lingerie is full of spunk, fun, and excitement! Lollipop’s items are something stunningly different, gorgeous and unique with lingerie ranges from sweetest temptation to naughty and seductive.

Lollipop Lingerie offers lingerie, corsets, babydolls, chemises, dress-up outfits, dress-up lingerie, sexy sets, teddies, hot bottoms and much more. There is something stunning for every size and are items are really affordable. The quality is great and we are confident you will come back for more. Enjoy sexy shopping with us!

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