The 10 Best Ways to be Intimate….

While being Intimate.

Sex can be raw and animalistic. The pulling down of panties and pressing up against the kitchen counter or the quickie in the shower.
Sometimes the lust is so great we miss out on the lovemaking. We compiled a list of 10 ways to bring some intimacy back into the bedroom. The right type of music plays an important part in bringing tenderness back into your relationship; therefore all 10 guidelines were inspired by song titles or lyrics. Let’s get it on…

1. “I’m in the MOOD for Love”

Firstly set the right mood. Make the bed, turn down the lights, light the candles and put on your sexy tunes. Pour some wine and talk to your partner about their day, take of your shoes and relax. The whole point is to take your time and get you and your partner in the mood for love not lust.

2. “Its gettin Hot in here (so hot) / So Take off all your Clothes”

When you are both ready and relaxed, start taking off each other’s clothes. Slowly. Slide your hThe 10 Best Ways to be intimateands over his (or her) body, feel your partner’s skin and take in their naked body.

Alternatively you and your partner can take turns undressing yourselves. No touching is allowed. Turn it into a show by letting your partner sit on the bed and undress yourself, slowly and out of his reach, never taking your eyes of him.

By standing before each other stark-naked and vulnerable you are creating a connection of closeness before any physical action take place.

3. “Touch A Touch A Touch A Touch Me”

Foreplay is essential in creating intimacy.  Massage and kiss each other from head to toe. Focus on areas other than the classic breasts, bum and crotch. Caress each other’s faces, kiss your partner’s neck and let him focus on areas that get you aroused. Even if it is that soft spot behind your knee. The build-up creates intimacy as well as intensity.

4. “Kiss the Girl (or boy)”

Kissing is something we forget quite easily. Go back to the basics with a hot and heavy make-out session before any sex. Try and kiss each other during sex as much as possible. Kissing establishes nearness.

5. “Can’t Take My Eyes of You”

Eye contact during intercourse is intense and helps you and your partner get in synch with each’s others rhythm and progress. Keep eye contact as long as you can. This also helps you focus and stay in the zone, no drifting off and thinking about tomorrow’s meeting.

6. “Talk (not to) Dirty to Me”

Talk to you partner during sex. Talk about what you like or what you want him to do to you. Or just tell him how much you love what he is doing right now. To help with intimacy whisper words like “I love you” or “I love feeling this close to you” in his ear. Leave your swear words and creative sexual language for the quickie on the floor.

7. “Take My Breath Away”

Try and synch your breathing. Breathing together helps you focus on each other. It helps you form a union, becoming one. Take deep, slow breaths together.

8. “Cheek to Cheek”

During sex use positions where there is as much skin contact as possible for example; the Cowgirl, Missionary or Spoon-style. Press every part of your body against your partner’s.

9. “Sex Me Slowly”

Go slow and take your time enjoy every moment and sensation. Stopping midway for a few kisses prolongs the experience.

10. “I Promise you a Happy Ending”

Try and orgasm together and hold each other close while maintaining eye contact and breathing together. Just lay there in the twinkling of it all.

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