Elite Occasions

Open your underwear drawer, what do you see? A lot of white, black and beige panties?

Nothing sexy about those!


To have an amazing sex life you need amazing lingerie. You need to be able to walk in guns blazing and feel confident too! Elite Occassions aims to provide you just that. They bring you the sexiest lingerie on the market with something for every taste and desire – no need to look any further.

Elite Occasions

There is a style for every woman and it is guaranteed to make your partner appreciate and adore you even more. Even getting into bed will be a whole lot sexier from now on, with their wide variety of chemises.

WARNING: can cause lack of sleep 😉


Visit their online shop www.eliteoccassions.co.za to purchase yours. Try on a different style each week and leave your partner wanting more and more and more…


Contact Elite Occasions

Website  www.eliteoccasions.co.za
Telephone 0218534430
Office Hours  Monday – Thursday 9am – 4pm
Friday – 9am – 3pm
Office closed: Public Holidays / Saturdays / Sundays
Email Address info@eliteoccasions.co.za
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