Couples who eat together stay together

Eating plays an enormous role in your daily life; we spend half the day eating and the other half thing about food. It is very important to share meals with the person you are dating. Here is why:

1. Learn the habits, learn the man.
If there is one thing that I cannot stand, it is rudeness to waiters. If he cannot respect someone who is willing to spit in his food, you shouldn’t be sharing yours with him – it is just plain dangerous!

2. Sharing is caring.
Never know what to order at a restaurant? Tag along your partner and, suddenly, you get to have the two meal option. Now you are allowed to eat more and leave the evidence on your man’s plate and swap around food to better serve your palate – so long olives!

3. Let’s talk.
Sharing a meal creates a great atmosphere for talking. With no other distractions you are able to learn more about each other and that is actually where you fall in love.

4. You are fueling for sex.
That burger you just ate is being digested into excess energy. And what does one do with excess energy? You exercise! Nobody said desert had to be unhealthy…

5. Get comfortable.
Eating is a very personal thing. You need to be truly comfortable to show your partner your ‘’slightly” animalistic side. You know the one I am talking about, where you finally get that plate of ribs and your eyes just glaze over…

6. Falling into a familiar pattern.
A couple of dates and a home-cooked meal and suddenly you are no longer able to eat that special meal without him. Just like that, you become part of each other’s daily routine and your lives get intertwined.

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