Disconnect to Connect

In a world govern by technology it is so easy to get stuck in the virtual domain. It is ironic that the more we connect the more disconnected we become from each other.

Our screens have become walls that keep our partners at arm’s length. We rather share our problems and feelings in a status update with strangers, then the person we are sharing a meal with. So it is time to reconnect by disconnecting. Put away your phone, IPad, laptop and Kindle for one night. Really look your partner in the eye and ask them how they are doing. Listen for the answer without the blinding light from your screen.

10 Technology Free Dates:

1. Board, Card and Paper Game Nights

This date is a good old fashion games night with classics like Hangman, Monopoly and Go Fish. These games have been bringing people together for years and some competition is always healthy. If you and your partner are feeling a bit more dangerous games like Poker (or Strip-Poker) can be added. Up the stakes and use chores as currency, for example loser washes dishes for a month.

2. Go Camping

Go camping in the wilderness, your backyard or your indoor fort. Spend quality time with our partner underneath the stars or fairy lights.

3. Read a Book

Relationships are about sharing your life with someone. This date is about sharing your favourites. Cuddled up on the sofa and read your favourite book to your partner. No Kindle allowed so buy the hardcover.

4. Anything with Candlelight

Candlelight makes everything romantic. Turn off the lights and fill your house with candles. Have romantic candlelit dinners where you talk about your day or take a relaxing bubble bath together and forget all about your day.

5. Create Something Together

Without the constant distraction of your phone spare time will be available. Use this new found time to create something with your partner. It can be anything from a herb garden to a pottery class. You might discover a hidden talent you never knew about.

6. Trivia

Trivia Dates are an interesting challenge without Google. Do crosswords together or play 30 Seconds. Test your knowledge and create personal Trivia Questions about each other and your relationship.

7. Play 20 Questions

Sit across from each other and ask questions. It seems so simple but the best way to connect with somebody is to talk to them. The questions can range from easy once like their favourite ice-cream or hard questions about the future of your relationship. You each get 20 questions with no interruptions. Each question needs to be answered completely and truthfully.

8. Write a Love Letter on Paper

It is easy to send a cute picture or emoji that sum up your feelings. But by taking the time to write down your feelings in whole sentences you express your heart’s true desires and expose yourself to your partner. Read the letters to your partner and see the effect your words have on the one you love.

9. Design your Future Together

Draw, write or cut out pictures from a magazine. Talk to your partner and design your dream house, holiday and life. Remember this is the fantasy so don’t leave anything out.

10. Drink Wine and Be Content with Each Other

That is it. Open up that bottle you have been saving for a special occasion and toast your life together. Just be with each other. Cuddle up on the couch, chat about nothing and just be happy and present.
It is important to remember we don’t need technology. We as a society have this ridicules need to share every aspect of your lives on Social Media. But isn’t that what your partner is for? Don’t just have these Technology Free Dates once in month make it a habit to put your phone down and listen to your partner. Never ever allow technology at the dinner table!

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