5 strange things that turn people on

At Under the Covers we firmly believe in the notion of ‘different strokes for different folks’. The sexual turn-on scale is as wide and varied as the known universe, which is great – if we all liked the same thing the world would be pretty damn boring; not to mention that we would all be competing for the same kind of partner, which would definitely result in a few unnecessary fisticuffs and the regression of the species as a whole.

Here are a few of the more interesting fetishes we’ve learned about in our time:

Statues & mannequins

Agalmatophilia is a term used to describe a fetish revolving around statues, mannequins and dolls. These folks get so turned on by these inanimate objects that they may even strike up a ‘relationship’ further along the line.

Fur & fluff

Autoplushophilia refers to individuals who get their kicks from dressing up as life-sized furry creatures and getting it on with others who are similarly attired. This fetish might also extend to stuffed animals and soft toys.

Older ladies & gents

We may be conditioned to believe that younger is always hotter, but there is a group of people who would tend to disagree. Gerontophiles have a thing for older ladies and gents, as well as aged accoutrement like dentures, walking sticks and glasses.

Mirror, mirror

Katoptronophilia refers to people who like to get it on in front of mirrors. This fetish is also closely linked to extreme narcissism, so if you encounter somebody who ticks this box, it might be worth your while to keep an open mind until you’ve established that they are a valuable addition to your life.


The body has various appendages that are wonderful to lick and suck, but did you know that some people get turned on by the humble nose? Nasolingus refers to the act of sucking your partner’s nose to get things going.

Would you like to know more about weird and wonderful turn-ons? Keep your eye on the Under the Covers blog for more sexual trivia!

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