C-Sections & Your Love Life

So we all know that vaginal delivery is bound to wreak a modicum of havoc with your sex life once your little bundle of joy has come into the world, but did you know that women who undergo a C-section are also likely so suffer some discomfort when they are given the all-clear to resume sexual intercourse?

Even though a C-section is not vaginally invasive, there are a few reasons why women who elect for a scheduled Caesarean birth may not be all that chipper once sexual intercourse resumes. This includes:

  • For a while, everything hurts. While it is still considered to be a cop-out by a larger part of the mommy community, C-sections can actually be quite hard on the female body. After the procedure, a lot of women report muscle pain and bodily discomfort that don’t do a lot to boost the old sex drive.
  • It messes around with your bowels. A certain percentage of women report irregular bowel movements after a C-section, and if there is anything that dampens the sex drive it is backed up bowels.
  • C-section mamas get tired too. Post-natal fatigue is a real thing and sleep-deprived humans are not known for their propensity to get jiggy at the drop of a hat.
  • Breastfeeding hormones. Once you’ve given birth, your body is all about taking care of that newborn. This means that the boobs have first dibs on any available moisture, which could lead to a bit of vaginal dryness.

Please note: These are a few of the reasons that may cause a woman who underwent a C-section to experience discomfort during sex. This is not to say that all women will have the same experience – some new mamas are ready and raring to go as soon as the doctor drops the proverbial chequered flag!

In short, don’t be too hard on yourself. Your body just successfully grew and gave birth to a brand new human being. Go easy, use a lot of lube and ask your partner to be a little patient while you get your groove back, and you’ll be just fine.

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