5 Things That Will Kill The Mood (Guaranteed)

At Under the Covers we want every sexual encounter you have to be gloriously fulfilling and completely satisfying, which is why we decided to put together a guide on the things you absolutely should not be doing before you engage in a bout of vigorous sex.

Here are the five things that will spoil the mood every time:

Too much booze

While it is most certainly true that a cocktail or two can provide such much-needed liquid confidence, too much alcohol is never a great idea. It wreaks havoc with erections, can impede vaginal lubrication, not to mention it could lead to some poor decision-making.

Shaving just before

Ladies, if you need to trim the hedges, do so the night before. When you shave you are essentially removing the top layer of skin, which leaves the area extremely sensitive and prone to all kinds of infections (including herpes and HPV). So stick to shaving the night before or simply tell him you’re channelling the 70s…

Very spicy foods

First of all – spicy food leaves residue on your hands and mouth that can set even the hardiest genitals ablaze (in a bad way!). Secondly, it affects a lady’s vaginal odour and taste, and could lead to all kinds of embarrassing gassy exchanges in both men and women. Nothing like a loud fart to bring things to a screeching halt.


Antihistamines have one job – to dry out your mucus membranes so your nose will stop running. However, your body does not discriminate in terms of the location of these membranes, which means your vagina might not get the moment and things could remain quite un-moist down under.

Food as foreplay

This is a clear-cut case of things that look good on screen but doesn’t translate very well to real life. Chocolate body paint and whipped cream might look all glamorous and taste pretty good, but aside from being very hard on the sheets, it also increases the lady’s odds of getting a yeast infection.


So there you go – five things you should avoid if you wish to have a satisfying and fulfilling sexual encounter every time you hop between the sheets. You’re welcome!

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