The MAN-Date

Planning a special date for you partner is difficult. These 10 date ideas are focused on you man’s happiness. No more stressing about birthdays or anniversaries.

 1. The MacGyver

He might complain about fixing the sink or putting that table together. But he is a man! There is nothing better than a quick-fix job where he can show of his skills and be doted on the rest of the day. Just remember: Keep the job simple and make the reward worth his while.\

2. Baywatch

A date at the pool has a lot to offer; you in swimwear, games, picnic basket full of sandwiches and sunlight. It’s fun and easy.

3. Mr Smith

Imagen the look on his face when he walks into his house and all is quiet. On the table you leave a note and a water gun. “Seek me, if you dare,” the note states, “Loser has to make dinner.” Tip: try to keep this activity outside.

4. The Learning Curve

Your man has a range of skills he is just dying to show off: Playing pool, playing golf, playing Counter Strike…basically the playing of games. Allow him to show you the ropes and show off his skills.

5. Game Night

Leave the board games and set up the PlayStation. Plug in, be his second in command and kill the boredom!

6. Life Action Role Playing…

…In the bedroom. Playing dress up has never been this fun! Look to his favourite film for inspiration and let your inner Princess Leia shine.

7. Masterchef

Making food together can be fun, playful and will always have a happy ending. Ladies please remember, braaivleis counts as a gourmet meal!

8. The Amazing Race

Plan between 3 and 5 destinations for the night; ranging from parks, pubs and shopping centers. At each destination have an assignment you need to complete: Taking a photo with a mannequin, downing a drink or “borrowing” a sign. To make it more fun, you can invite couples to compete against you.

9. Suits

Get dressed up and surprise him with a trip to a cigar-lounge for whisky and cigars. Work in Whiskey and Beer Tastings to keep the night interesting.

10. Friday Night Light

Go team spirit! Go watch his favourite sport’s team at his favourite sports’ bar. No judgment no your side regarding the manly cheers, the overflow of beers or any other raucous that may occur.



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